Thursday, May 24, 2012

Musa Memorial Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the Musa Memorial Day Weekend Blog Hop!
Most of my husband's family are members or retired members of the military My Dad was in the Coast Guard. I've listened to stories of campaigns fought, rescues concluded, spent the weekend that JFK, Jr's plane went missing with Navy and Air Force pilots at a family reunion, and listened to them (accurately, as it turned out) speculate about what happened. We've worried about family members stationed overseas. Experienced the family pride when a cousin's four sons (the 4th generation) each enlisted in a different branch of the military.
I work in Washington, D.C. My rather insane commute starts on Rte 95 just south of Quantico. After a rain, our house shakes from the ordinance shock waves as the Marines practice. My trek to work takes me by the base, the Marine Museum, across a side road to pick up the George Washington Parkway by the Pentagon, past the Iwo Jima Memorial and Arlington Cemetery before inching over the Key Bridge into Georgetown. So, I get to contemplate our tangible reminders of the men and women of our armed forces on a fairly regular basis as a result.
For the portion of the United States that isn't in easy commuting distance to these landmarks, we take two days a year (Memorial Day and Veterans' Day) to remember the men and woman and their families who sacrifice so much for our freedoms.
While the words are inadequate - Thank you for your service.
In thanks to our troops: Musa will send a free issue of Penumbra magazine as a thank you gift to anyone serving overseas in the military. Check out the Penumbra eZine blog for more details. My fellow writers on the hop are also giving away free copies of their books, so the more sites you visit on the hop, the better your chance to win. We've also put together this blog hop. Many of writers participating are also giving away free stuff. So, please hop to as many of the sites as you can over the weekend. In that spirit, I'm giving away a copy of my short story collection: Paths Less Traveled to someone who comments on this post. Winners will be announced on Tuesday.
Paths Less Traveled:
Some women walk their own paths through the ages, even when mayhem follows. Follow two of these women as they each walk the Paths Less Traveled.
In “Lightning Strikes”, Falcon, a disinherited princess, wants to be the king’s spy. The theft of a prize stallion is her chance. But when her best friend stands accused, far more than her dreams are at risk. Falcon races to catch a thief before fatal vengeance falls on an innocent man.
Worlds away, Psyonics Corporation controls all paranormals and psychics in “Flashes of Life.” Its highest-testing but still latent psychic, Vonna accepts an assignment with the D.C. police to avoid the company’s breeding program. The company works to ensure failure in her first case – a homicide. If she can’t unlock her talents, a murderer will go free and she’ll be consigned to slavery.
The Paths Less Traveled. Strange universes. Kick-butt heroines.
A blonde female officer growled as I bent to slide under the yellow police tape. Her aura flicked with the burnt amber of authority and a hint of annoyance. Her jaw snapped shut as she took in my white leather outfit and gloves, the outward sign of my other than human status. Silver surprise limed her before changing to puce and signaling her disgust. Her gaze flicked to the emblem bearing the Greek letter Psi on my chest, and then skittered away.
"A pleasure to meet you Officer Williams. I'm Vonna Sinya, the assigned Psionic . Detective Muller is waiting for me."
Williams tapped her commlink and turned her back.
"The Charlie's here," Williams whispered.
Charlie-short for charlatan.
The word burned across my skin. It’s what the insens called psychics despite the scientific proof of our existence. I drove my fingernails into my palms. The white leather gloves only transferred the barest pressure to my hand. Recently graduated from Psy Corp, the gloves were a new addition to my wardrobe.
The gloves chaffed.
Muller strode briskly toward me. "Let her pass," he said as he approached. "Ms. Sinya, nice to meet you." He looked down at his hand, and then dusted it off on his pants before extending it.
Touching a psychic was the equivalent of offering your throat to a hungry vampire. The corners of his eyes tightened making the three crow's feet under each one stand out from his skin. He wasn't as sanguine about his offer as he'd like me to believe. He knew psychics were a threat even when smothered in leather. Maybe especially then. Still, the alpha dog was offering me a place in the pack and hoping I didn't challenge his authority.
I pasted a smile on and grasped his hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Please call me, Vonna."
"Rick." He lifted the tape. "First murder?"
I ducked under the line separating cops from little people. "My first crime scene."
He shifted a step back. "Why do I get the newbies?"
"Because you're willing to shake hands with us?"
The change in his mood was so rapid that his bark of laughter and bright blue slash of humor startled me. "That may be it." He walked toward the house. His pace was half the speed of his departure. "Main talent?"
A rash of heat flamed across my features. "We don't know."
Muller stopped and turned. "The Company does not let unknown psionics wander the streets, much less join active investigations. It's not like I just asked your favorite sexual position."
The Company was a pejorative term for Psy Corp. I'd heard it referred to an ancient song about owing your soul to the Company you worked for. If so, it wasn't a misnomer.
"I'm a thirty-seven."
"Excuse me?" Muller went pale in the flashing blue lights.
Despite the pit in my stomach at what might await me in the house, I smiled. "Just realize what you'd given your hand to?"
For those of you who don't win this round, Paths can be purchased at the Musa site -
Please also keep an eye out for my next short story collection, Shots at Redemption, which releases on June 1, 2012 from Musa.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and don't forget to spend some time remembering all the brave men and women who've fought for our country.

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Anonymous said...

I love that you wrote a strong female protagonist, and it looks like you have a great new twist on Psi-story telling! Thanks for the appreciation for our troops, and I hope you have a reflective and happy Memorial Day gathering. C.K. Garner

Unknown said...

Thanks to your family for their service. How very cool that you live so close to the memorials to reflect on them daily. I'm unfortunately in part of the country where it's easy to fall into the out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality. Thanks for the reminder.

June Kramin said...

Love all these great soldier stories from our Musans! Congrats on your release.

Lucas Hardgrave said...

Kick-butt heroines? I'm in. :D Your collection sounds like something I'd thoroughly enjoy. Thanks for the post. Have a great weekend!

Eleni Konstantine said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Nancy.

Good luck with your releases!

Holley Trent said...

My heart went *squish* when you said all four kids in four different branches of service. I would couldn't imagine being their parents. Unbelievable pride, but non-stop worrying.

Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Thought-provoking post. My husband spent 17 years in the service and would still be there if he was physically able. Thanks for your appreciation and sharing. I envy you your daily view, if not the hectic pace of your life.

Catherine Lee said...

I like short story collections, especially ones with kick butt heroines! Also, thank you for your recognition of our veterans.

catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Thank you all for the comments. Please check out other sites on the hope.

@Holley - As far as the military could tell this was the first time four brothers enlisted in the 4 main branches. The Coast Guard felt left out though. :) The three who were already in the military were granted leave to go to the youngest's swearing in. Tha Marine is currently waiting redeployment to the hot zone.

Ann Montclair said...

You are a true patriot. Happy Memorial Day.