Friday, October 26, 2012

Howlween Blog Hop!

I can't believe Halloween is here. It seems like New Year's Day was just last week. I have to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Both kids and adults feel free to let their hair down and party. It's the one time of year most adults will put on costumes and escape into the personality of someone or something else.

Halloween doesn't have the duty or mania of the other holidays either. The roots of the holiday go way back as  a celebration of the growing season and the barrier between the living and those who have gone on before. Today most of the religious or spiritual meaning has gone out of the holiday, but the sense of community and celebration goes on. Adults spend month planning Halloween parties and kids spend just as long wondering what the perfect costume will be. And then there's the candy, and the candy corn. Yum.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by the Howloween Blog Hop. Now for the part you're interest in:


I'm giving away a copy of Apollo's Rising and Shots at Redemption, a set of Greek myth retellings.

In Apollo Rising: To restore Daphne to her nymph form, Apollo must bargain with treacherous Hades, but Death may demand too high a price.

Shot by a golden arrow, Apollo has only truly loved Daphne. He visits her each eclipse, and longs for reunion. He seeks the Fates’s advice and learns he may finally restore Daphne to her form by enlisting other gods’ assistance.

If Apollo fails Daphne will be lost to him forever. To regain Daphne’s soul, Apollo must deal with the devil, King of the Underworld. Love-torn and treacherous, Hades would slay the pantheon to remain with his wife for the full year. Apollo’s quest might just give Hades the leverage he needs to do so.

Will Pheobus Apollo surrender the sun to try to reclaim love? Can he break Daphne’s curse or will his attempts destroy her forever? Will she still love him after millennia as a soulless tree? With the end of the quest see Apollo rising, or in sunset?
Shots at Redemption is a collection of three short stories in which mythical beings seek their second changes at love.

We all make mistakes. In this collection, a witch, a goddess, and a dragon take their shots at redemption in the hope of reclaiming lost love.
In "Best Dressed and Obsessed, Janelle, a graduate-level witch, chooses a magic dress to enthrall her professor. Sadly, the dress is cursed. At her graduation ball, will she kiss the man she loves? Or kill him?

Eons ago, Zeus decreed that Odysseus leave Kalypso. In "Kalypso's Song", Odysseus is reborn as a scholar. Can Kalypso convince him to reclaim the love they were denied?

The sea dragon Ryu spares a ship crossing her domain when a human child aboard reminds her of her own lost children. Ryu finds an unlikely surrogate family in "A Sea Serpent's Tale". When her new family is attacked by another dragon, can Ryu save them?

Shots at Redemption. We want them. We need them. But, do we get them?

All you have to do for a chance to win is the normal things:

Comment on this post about your favorite Halloween traditions, and follow this blog or follow me on twitter.

Keep hopping and have a wonderful Howloween - 


Misha said...

What I love most about Halloween is dressing up and admiring all the other costumes! I followed you on twitter @Miyosha_K thank you for the chance to win! I love mythology retellings and these sound fabulous!


Orfyn RN said...

I like how you get a sense motivations from the here and now into the mythology. I too have dipped into that well for my blog which is now an e-book which will be out in the next couple of weeks. Congrats!

BLHmistress said...

I don't dress up anymore but I do like to see others dressed up. My son is older and doesn't do trick or treat. So all we do now is just watch Scary movies all night long.


Cassandra said...

My favorite thing is to dress up :)
I follow this blog by email & on Twitter (@KatraCass)
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Nancy DiMauro said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Assuming Hurricane Sandy leaves uis with power, I'll post the winner tomorrow.

Nancy DiMauro said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Assuming Hurricane Sandy leaves uis with power, I'll post the winner tomorrow.

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :)