Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The One Reason I'll Never Run Out Of Inspiration

I have children.

Need I say more?

Okay, I probably do. I also have a husband.

I'm never sure which of the three boys starts the mayhem, but they always find it.

This past weekend we escaped for an impromptu and quick family vacation or "vaca" as my youngest says. We spent most of our time at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. Saturday afternoon was on and off raining. Now, we have season tickets to all the Busch parks, so leaving "early" isn't a big deal to us. After the last deluge, we decided to call it quits and head back to the hotel for hot showers. When we got back, Matt took the kids to the arcade so I could get a few moments of quiet. Or at least, that's what I thought the plan was.

They arrived at the arcade only to realize that Matt didn't have any cash. A quick side trip to the ATM solved the money issue. A light rain had started again by the time they were walking back to the arcade. My lovely children then spied the resort's miniature golf course. Suddenly, the arcade wasn't the plan.

No, put-put in the rain was. At least until the lightning flashed.

Then, my very brave teen and tween sons (ages 13 and 11) shrieked like little girls, abandoned their father (who was now holding all 3 golf clubs in a lightning storm), bolted out of the course and ran, not to the arcade directly across from the golf course but across the property to our room. Sigh.

I get out of my nice warm shower to the sounds of my youngest screaming "HELP! Oh God, Help us!" and pounding on the front door. A moment later, my eldest's voice joined the panicked symphony.

They dashed into the house as soon as the door was open. After confirming that they were all right and the Lords of Hell weren't actually pursing them, I asked where their father was.

They responded, "Oh, we ditched him." With a shrug they clicked on the TV and computer, and the conversation was over.

I poked my head back outside the unit to see my husband strolling down the street. Soaked to the skin and wearing a bemused expression, he waited until he reached the house before saying, "Your children . . ." and relating the story.

At some point, this little snippet of family life will make it into a story. But until then, it'll make me smile and shake my head about living in a house full of boys.

Inspiration is all around you. Listen and watch. It will find you.


Sloane Taylor said...

Nancy, this is a great story. Bless you for your patience and humor, and your husband, too. Can't wait to read about it in one of your terrific books.:)

Nancy DiMauro said...

Thanks Sloane. I am never bored. Often tired, but never bored.

Donna McDine said...

Hi Nancy,

Humor is what gets us through parenting. Thanks for sharing your delightful story.

Best wishes,

Nancy DiMauro said...

You are welcome, Donna. Thank you for checking out my blog.