Monday, August 27, 2012

Dave Wolverton/ Farland's Novel Rewriting Workshop

This week I'm attending David Farland/ Wolverton's Novel Writing Workshop in St. George, Utah. During the week, I'll take my WIP - The King's Falcon - and try to iron out the last bugs. King's Falcon features an older version of Falcon from Lightning Strikes  in  Paths Less Traveled. Now working as Queen Sabryna's agent, Falcon's latest mission runs her afoul of a mage king, and thrusts Falcon ever closer to her own unwanted and abandoned throne. 

The workshop is intensive, and even had homework. The ten of us had certain books on editing, story craft and outlining to read before we arrived. We also had to review the first 20 pages and 10 page outline of the other writer's books. We'll spend the morning in "class" and discussing the stories, and the afternoon working on our homework assignments. This week is likely to be exhausting, fun, and hugely helpful. 

I also turned in the edits for Apollo's Rising, which releases from Musa on September 10, and I'll post a bit more on that later this week.

That's it for now. I'm off to class.


MartinB said...

I hope the class is useful, Nancy.

Best wishes


Nancy DiMauro said...

It's been pretty wonderful. I'm exhausted, but I know how to fix the problem I've been having. I'll be blogging about it shortly.