Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Work in Progress Update - June 2012 roundup

So, after a weekend without power for many in my area and a shift in the day job, I'm finally getting a chance to catch-up.

Being an unemployed (sort of) lawyer is an interesting thing. My old firm of nearly 5 years chose to break apart for, effectively, irreconcilable differences. I opted to join another firm rather than stay with one of the new firms rising from the ashes of the old. Before making that decision, I contemplated going solo. One of the many weird things about being a lawyer, is if you have clients you really are never "out of work." When my new firm asked me if I planned to take a few days off between the companies, I laughed. I was leaving the old firm on Friday, and had court set for Monday. So, no, no time off.

The shifting of my day job means I haven't done any substantial new writing for the last 4 weeks. Not even my lousy 250 words a day. Grr.

The Jack Gorman anthology comes out on July 20 and it's consumed the little writing time I've been able to scrape up. We were sent a draft cover for the anthology, and our first rounds of edits. All those are in.

The other projects are stalled. My erotic novella New Bohemia, Just One Night awaits editing. The Noebco Effect, which is a novel with Vonna from Flashes of Life in the Paths Less Traveled short story collection sits at about 20,000 words. I also need to get beta comments back to another writer on his novel.

Still, things could be a lot worse.

Last month saw my first royalty payment and two short story collections in print.

For July, my plan is to:
(1) revamp my law practice to match my new firm's mode of operation,
(2) get feedback to the other writer;
(3) edit New Bohemia; and
(4) write another 30,000 words in Flashes of Life.

Sure, I can do that. Stay tuned and watch me.


Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Nancy - I had to read your first sentence twice. I thought it said you had a stiff in your day job. Knowing you're a lawyer, I was a little concerned.

Good luck with the new company, may no stiffs show up in your office, and I hope you find more time for writing once again soon.

Sloane Taylor said...

Nancy DiMauro, I have faith in you! I know you'll come out a star on the new job and with your writing. Take a deep breath and set priorities like you learned to do in law school. It's all gravy after that.:)

menopausal mama said...

You can do it! Nice blog site you have here!

Harvee Lau said...

Good luck with your summer writing. I hope to do some too.

Nancy DiMauro said...

Thanks for the encouragement and comments all.