Friday, July 13, 2012

New Release - Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl

So. we're a week away from the release of the Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl anthology. I've talked a little about how the Jack Gorman Project got started in my post about striking while the iron is hot. I'll post on Monday a bit more about the process of creating a braided mixed-genre anthology like Jack. But for tonight, I thought I'd give you a better idea about what the anthology's about.

Jack Gorman would rather spend his time swilling brewskies, scoring with the babes, and watching football. Instead, he's been cursed by sword-bearing girl he harassed while on a bender.
Now, karma is dragging Jack's sorry ass across time, space, and alternate histories. The curse can be broken if Jack manages to learn his lesson, but Jack is nothing if not consistent. From small California towns to a steampunk past, a magical future, and a space odyssey of narcissistic proportions, Jack flirts and drinks his way across reality only to discover that girls with
blades are everywhere.

Will Jack ever break the curse? Or is he doomed to an eternity of getting cut by girls? Regardless, Jack still can't get a break. As he learns the hard way, karma kicks ass in all timelines.


You're Jackism for today is: "Kick me in the balls, fine, I deserve that. But why did you have to cut me? Man. Whadda' fuck is wrong with you?"

Stay tuned for more about Jack Gorman Got Cut By A Girl including a Release Day Contest for a free copy.

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