Monday, March 17, 2014

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Despite the day of green we're covered in white (another snow storm) here in Virginia. In nearly late March. The Federal government is shut down again. Blogger is fighting me and won't let me add photos to this post. Grr.

Today I thought I'd take Jennifer Boykin's advice from "Life After Tampons"  and "quit (my) bitching. Change (my) life."

So, instead of the post I'd planned or a rant about the snow, I thought I'd list the top 10 things I like about having yet another snow day.
1. I get to work in my sweats.

2. I don't have to drive three or more hours today.

3. I get to have a snowball fight with my boys and even up the score from last snow day!

4. My husband isn't running off to court and I get to see him while there's still daylight.

5. My husband made me an omlet for breakfast.

6. The animals:  Pips (our youngest horse) did not colic and has fully recovered from his upset tummy, Blue (our arthritic black lab) loves the snow and she was jumping around like a puppy in the snow drifts and  Chewie (our dumber than a post Boxer-mix) got to wear his puppy jacket and played in the snow.

7. I "don't have to" and everyone accepts that answer since they "don't have to" (get to the office , go shopping, or anything else we usually label as a "should" item) because no one is going anywhere today.

8. The Price is Right is on.

9.  There's a fire in the fire place.

10. I get to roast marshmallows and watch a movie with my sons.

Okay, so maybe the snow's not all that bad. Even in Virginia. In mid-March. Without photos in this post.

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