Monday, November 5, 2012

World Fantasy Convention 2012 Mini-Roundup

I've spent the better part of a week in Toronto, Canada at the World Fantasy Convention. For all of you who may not know, WFC is a convention for fantasy and science fiction writers, artists, agents, editors and other professionals. The four day conference has seminars/panels on craft issues like, for this year, the ever changing face of Urban Fantasy, and whether fantasy novels need maps and why.  There's a dealer's room where you can purchase hard to find and rare books, and an art show. The price of admission includes a swag bag full of free books. There's also lots of time for networking and a closing banquet.

Sadly, this year's conference has come to a close. The dead dog parties are over, and the airport is dealing with hundreds of carry-on swag bags full of books. It's going to take several days to process everything that happened over the week, but it was another great experience.

Among other things, I met Max Gladstone a debut writer from Tor. That's Max on the right with Marco Palmieri (center), and L.E. Modesitt (left). I'm reading Max's novel Three Parts Dead now. The prologue has a great first line, the magic system is new and interesting and, even though I'm only a few chapters in, I can tell how strong the writing is. 

As always. WFC was a great opportunity to reconnect with friends, and meet new ones. Once I catch up on sleep, I'll post more on this year's WFC. Right now though I need to pack and catch a plane back to Virginia.

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Sloane Taylor said...

Sounds like you had a good time and worked hard, Nancy. Hope you made plenty of contacts.:)